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5+ Watch Winders


Sextuple watch winder

Burlwood painting finish

12+4 watches

  • GC03-L88DYW-T
  • GC03-L88EW
  • GC03-L88DYW
  • GC03-L88BB
  • GC03-L88YW-3
  • GC03-L88DYW-T
  • GC03-L88BB-T
  • GC03-L88EW
  • GC03-L88DYW
  • GC03-L88BB-T
  • GC03-L88DYW-T
  • GC03-L88BB
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  • Mode No.GC03-L88DYW
    Dimension(L.W.H)340x290x590 mm
    Package Dimension450x430x710 mm
    N.W.8.45 kg
    G.W.11.45 kg
    Capacity12+4 watches
    Rotor typeMabuchi Motor made in Japan
    Rotation program5 Modes
    Independable motorYes
    ColorDeep yellow outside+Beige inside
    Outer materialMDF wood with piano painting
    Inner materialPremium PU Leather
    Power supplyAdapter
    Power plug typeUniversal AC/DC adapter
    Watch case fittableUp to 60 mm
    Watch band fittable165-185 mm
    Turn-and-Rest ProgramYes
    Watch Cushion holderAdjustable
    Working temperature -19℃ to + 45℃
    PowerI/P: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 0.2A
     O/P:DC 3V,1.5A

    Working Programs

    Mode 1:

    Winder is off.

    Mode 2:

    Winder rotates clockwise for 2 minutes, rests for 6 minutes, then repeats the cycle. 

    Mode 3:

    Winder rotates counter-clockwise for 2 minutes, rests for 6 minutes, then repeats the cycle. 

    Mode 4:

    Winder rotates clockwise for 2 minutes, rests for 6 minutes, rotates counterclockwise for 2 minutes, rests for 6 minutes, then repeats the cycle. 

    Mode 5:

    Winder rotates clockwise for 5 minutes, counter-clockwise for 5 minutes, repeating this cycle for 3 hours, then rest for 9 hours before repeating the entire cycle from the beginning. 


      Step1:  Load your watch in the pillow.

      Step2:  Plug in the adapter and turn on the power.

      Step3:  Select programs by program knob switch.

  • This winder with full handmade housing material, processed by sufficient painting-drying-printing under modern directions. Elegant piano painting and upscare leatherette inlays fit in high-class interior decoration and make an unique culture atmosphere in different decoration styles. Visiable glass window is tempered for a good protection...

    l  6 independable Japanese Mabuchi rotors

    l  Winding 12 watches

    l  Extra storage for 4 watches

    l  Optional other colours in this same series

    l  Precision ultra-quiet motor

    l  Overwinding protection

    l  Automatic sleep mode: Winder has an intellectual resting time to optimize the watch organs and winding mechanism

    l  Standardized power plug

    l  Easy operation

    l  Adjustable watch holder sleeves suit for small or big watches

    l  Energy efficient

    l  Piano painting finish with good massiness

    l  Handmade wood case,premium inlays

    l  Complex glossy lacquering procedures,each layer of paint based on complete drying

    l  Qualified material sources,developed workmanship,safe packagings,good product durability

    l  Suitable use in Bedroom, Study, Office, Hotel room,etc


  •         l AC Power Adapter 

            User Manual

            Cleaning Cloth 

            l Gloves



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